What does it cost to host a small web app on Render vs Digitalocean with Render’s new pricing model? The tech stack:

  • web app running Node.js
  • database running Postgres (Render only support Postgres)
Service Render DigitalOcean
Node (1CPU/1GB Ram) $25/mo $25/mon
Database (1CPU/1GB Ram) $20/mo $15/month
Autoscaling $19/mo 0
Bandwidth 500GB in total (additional $30 per 100GB or $3.33 per GB) 100GB per app (additional $0.10 per GB)
Build 500min per user/mo (additional $5 per 1000 min) 0
Total $64/mo $40/mo

What initially made me move git18n and aihelperbot from DigitalOcean to Render was the price. Render’s new pricing model has made it more expensive than DigitalOcean albeit offering significantly less services and options. Render has always felt a bit rough and limited but for the lower price it was still a good deal. Now it’s not.